A duo with extraordinary taste:
Dabiz Muñoz in the all new GLC Coupé. 

Spanish Michelin-starred chef Dabiz Muñoz combines Asian and Mediterranean cuisine into new taste sensations, and his restaurant, DiverXO, has already been awarded three Michelin stars. With his eccentric appearance, the man from Madrid is also extravagant when it

comes to style: all of his creations captivate you with their extraordinary presentation. Just like the GLC Coupé, which combines the striking look of an SUV with the dynamic elegance of a coupé to create a unique driving experience.

“Some things don’t go together. Until you bring them together.”
Sometimes opposites make for unique combinations.

An innovative mix of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine has turned Dabiz Muñoz into a star: everything that the extravagant chef with the distinctive look creates wows his guests thanks to his inimitable style. That’s one thing he has in common with the GLC Coupé.

The blend of SUV-typical elements and the elongated silhouette of a coupé impresses thanks to its unique design, sporty dynamism, the utmost comfort and the latest safety concepts – and remember: when all is said and done, it’s taste that counts.

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