Insatiable appetite for adventure.
Mike Horn in the G-Class.

Extreme athlete Mike Horn loves the maximum challenge. He's either swimming through the Amazonas in the South American jungle, conquering an "eight-thousander" in the Himalayas without an oxygen mask or undertaking a 20,000 kilometer long expedition along the polar circle.

For the South African, the challenge cannot be hard enough. The world explorer has a trusted companion on his adventures – the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Its virtually indestructible robustness and sophisticated technology make it a dependable partner even in rough terrain.

"The impossible only exists until someone makes it possible."
The best track: New terrain.

Some people just aren't made to sit around at home all day. Mike Horn is one of them. To take him to new adventures, no journey is too long, no road too stony, no mountain too steep.

The G-Class is his constant companion. Because no matter where the next challenge is waiting for him – one thing is for sure: It can never be big enough.

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