Two cosmopolitans.
Petra Němcová and the new GLC.

Whether Barcelona, L.A., Milan or Prague – Petra Němcová feels at home in the big cities of the world. Ever since she was a teenager she has traveled around the world as a top model. Surrounded by new impressions and fascinating urban flair. However, sometimes she has to cross rough ground too – when she is working for her "Happy Hearts Fund" charity, which builds schools in areas damaged by natural disasters.

That is why Petra, who was born in the Czech Republic, relies on a real all-round SUV: the new GLC. With its flexibility and agility, it is the ideal companion in the city. And thanks to its tenacity, it also masters difficult terrain superbly. It's a true all-rounder.

"Strong characters have the power to redefine themselves."
Uniting opposites is an attractive trait.

If you were to describe Petra Němcová in one word, it would be: multi-faceted. She is a supermodel and she also leads her own charity;

she loves both the solitude of the countryside and the glamor of the city. She easily combines these apparent contrasts, then she goes on her way undeterred – just like the new GLC.

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